Institut de Physique Europeen - European Institute of Physics

Membership indicates a level of academic and professional achievement.

Levels of Membership:

1. Associate:   Normally undergraduate or trainee status awaiting
                      qualifications to be accepted in to Membership.

2. Member:     Being in possession of degree and an intermediate research degree
                      and / or professional training of equivalent status.

3. Fellow:       Normally holding a doctorate or equivalent, with substantial professional
                      and academic standing equivalent to that of a Chair 

Following admission, Members may use the accreditation:


and Fellows may use:


Fees Per Annum:

Associate:  67.00  euros

Member:    274.00 euros

Fellow:      425.00 euros

Membership allows us of the Institute's facilities at a discounted rate, copies of all Journals and early notification tickets for Institution events.