Institut de Physique Europeen - European Institute of Physics
European Institute for Physics Education
Professor S Morin
Promoting Physics and Science Education
IPE provides extensive support to Schools and Colleges wishing to proactively support Physics education in particular and Science education in general.
Please note: The Institut de Physique is a non-profit-making body. Therefore, all conferences and Examination Preparation Programmes are FREE.
Programmes Presently Operating
Annual Teacher Conference on Pedagogic Skills and Teaching Physics
                        Paris, 2019
For more information on this conference, please use the 'Contact Us' page.
Examination Preparation Programmes for  students studying for:
A Level: All relevant Examination Boards, held at IOPE HQ, near Poitiers, France.
                                Various dates are made available each year.
IB DP: All relevant Levels: 
For further information on these programmes, use the 'Contact Us' page of this website.
Members and Fellows, subject to their research commitments, are happy to be approached directly or through IPE administration.